Dyslexia and Related Reading Differences 101

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Dyslexia and Related Reading Differences 101 School work at every level – from learning how to attend at circle time to Calculus - brings the challenge of new expectations, novel information and the synthesis of ideas and instruction into concrete and abstract action. The learning curve is unique to each learner. Yet, there

Autism 101


AUTISM LINKS FOR NEWBIES AND ESTABLISHED FAMILIES ALIKE Overview on prevalence:   Data & Statistics on Autism Spectrum Disorder | CDC Autism Statistics and Facts | Autism Speaks Autism Data Visualization Tool | CDC     Start here and get connected to the University of Miami's Center for Autism and Related Disabilities,

COVID-19 Economic Benefits Guide from RespectAbility, a national advocacy organization

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RespectAbility is a nonprofit organization that works collaboratively with employers, entertainment leaders, governors, policy makers, educators, self-advocates, non-profits, faith-based organizations, philanthropists and the media to fight stigmas and advance opportunities. Led by diverse people with disabilities and allies, RespectAbility knows that people with disabilities and their families have the same hopes and dreams as everyone

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