Families with a child with a disability often need specific information, including: details about the disability, school services, therapy, local policies, funding sources, transportation, medical facilities and much more. As parents, you know your children best, so look for a professional team that will truly listen to your interests and concerns. By developing a non-judgmental and nurturing team, you will receive the support to succeed under very difficult circumstances.

“A human being mints many coins from the same mold, and they are all identical.  But the holy one, blessed by God, strikes us all from the mold of the first human and each one of us is unique.”

Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5

Local Resources

Parent to Parent of Miami is a community parent resource center for families of children and adults with all disabilities. Located in Miami, Florida, Parent to Parent serves families in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, as well as the nation. With the help of Parent to Parent of Miami’s specialized team, parents and professionals can find information, workshops, and other resources to help make decisions about early intervention, early childhood, education, IEP process, vocational training, employment, college opportunities, as well as the laws that protect the rights of children and adults with disabilities.

 The Department of Exceptional Student Education serves children and families throughout the Miami-Dade district by developing, coordinating and overseeing programs that support students with disabilities in order to insure that curriculum, instructional and behavioral practices are tailored to meet their educational needs. The Department is also committed to enhancing academic success for all students by providing access to age appropriate school and community resources that will benefit the individual needs of each student. Specific programs and services include early identification and intervention, psycho-educational evaluation and placement, transition support and truancy prevention.

University of Miami’s Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (UM CARD) runs support groups for parents, grandparents and siblings.

The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council is an agency that advocates for and promotes programs, practices and innovative initiatives that enhances the independence, productivity, inclusion and self-determination of individuals with developmental disabilities in all aspects of life. They have a particularly good reference section of publications on different stages of life.

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