Developmental interventions, or “health services,” are provided to families who have a child or children that have a developmental delay. Medical treatment is recommended according to individual need and should not differ from common approaches to providing medical care. To get special therapy related services, the state will use an Individualized Education Program (IEP). These services will mainly occur in school but can also take place in the home or community.


The Statistics

of the population are affected by dyslexia
of people with learning differences have dyslexia

If you suspect a learning disorder the most important first step is to support your learner’s journey to understanding their strengths and challenges.

Possible Services

There are generally three types of therapies provided to children who qualify through the school system:  occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.

  • Occupational Therapy – Services to assist children with learning skills needed for play and daily living; designing and providing assistive devices.

  • Physical Therapy – Services to identify and help prevent or reduce movement difficulties.

  • Speech/Language Pathology – Identification, referral and provision of services to assist children with understanding and responding to communication.

Source: New Jersey Early Intervention System

Please see the resource portion of this website for providers, but here is a good short list to begin with:

The Mailman Clinic of Child Development Especially helpful in guiding parents/caregivers as they learn about interventions, programs and agencies available within the University of Miami and in the community where the family lives. A Family Navigator will be assigned to the family to explain, guide and connect them with the right resources based on their needs and concerns. The service is free of charge and covers the lifespan.

Easter Seals offers a wider array of services over the life span for children and adults with different abilities. These include education, therapy, vocational training and summer programs.

JAFCO serves children from birth through age 22 diagnosed with a developmental disability, including autism, intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, spina bifida or Prader-Willi. They offer therapeutic services, child enrichment services, family support, respite care, support groups and parent training. They also offer Camp Kehilla, a special needs camp for children ages 3 – 22 with developmental disabilities.

The University of Miami’s Autism Spectrum Assessment Clinic (ASAC) offers assessment and a variety of therapeutic programs and services for individuals with ASD or related social-communication difficulties.  Therapies at ASAC focus on improving social, emotional and behavioral functioning.

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