Here are several links to visual supports for prayers, high holidays and shabbat:

High Holidays

Beit Issie offers IssieRoots Activities for Rosh Hasanah and Yom Kippur which includes cards, holiday worship and lesson plans.

Matan offers PECS for High Holiday Prayers  

RespectAbility offers  several resources for High Holidays, the most recent is:

Opening All Gates: Making High Holiday Celebrations Accessible to All, In Person and Online, updated August 2021.

Please see their previous tool kit for other useful tips RespectAbility-Synagogue-High-Holiday-Toolkit for inclusive worship and also offers step by step instruction for worship organizations seeking to be more inclusive.

The Ruderman Foundation  also catalogs several inclusion programs, including Gateways. Here is a link to Gateways High Holiday resources

Passover – Pesach

This resource from Beit Issie is a video celebrating the four questions of Passover – Pesach with Assistive technology.

And here is Beit Issie’s a interactive Hagadah

Matan offers this resource library of curricula of Jewish discussions of disability and inclusion organized by age group. Simply sign in with your email address for access to the materials.


Here is a guide from Gateways on inclusive Shabbat worship 

Resources from Jewish Interactive on Jewish holidays, Hebrew instruction, secular Jewish and Israeli culture can be found here 


From Longing to Belonging – Including People with Disabilities & Mental Health Conditions

People with disabilities and mental health conditions want what everyone wants–to belong to their chosen community of faith. Shelly Christensen, a leader in the faith community disability inclusion movement, author, and co-founder of Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month provides context for rethinking what it means to belong and be seen as a valued member of a congregation or faith community. Presented at the 40 Days and 40 Nights Online Event for the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.