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Florida Deaf Art Show for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Artists

Florida Deaf Art Show (FDAS) is a nonprofit organization that promotes both emerging and experienced Deaf and Hard of Hearing artists. FDAS is committed to raising funds and awareness to benefit Deaf community programs in the cities that host our events. FDAS believes in improving the quality of life for all members of the Deaf community, particularly when it comes to literacy education and the creative arts—both of which are crucial for Deaf students to flourish.


The aim of FDAS is to promote the idea that “Deaf Can!” FDAS strives to create an inclusive environment by using art to build a bridge between Deaf and Hearing populations. When FDAS provides a platform for Deaf artists to showcase their unique artwork, FDAS is empowering the entire Deaf community. FDAS fearlessly envisions a future where the world is more accessible. 

If FDAS could convey one message to the world, it would be this:

“Deaf Can!”


Florida Deaf Art Show, Inc.

P.O. BOX 700712

Saint Cloud, FL 34770

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P.O. BOX 700712 Saint Cloud, FL 34770
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