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o The Inclusion Leadership Program is designed to provide additional support and job training for older campers (16 +) transitioning into counselors. The purpose of the program is to facilitate the camper transitioning as a counselor into the JCC summer camp program with a maximum degree of involvement as possible. In general, the role of Inclusion Leadership includes the following responsibilities:
o Providing appropriate assistance (examples, interpreting instructions, and physical assistance) in order to help campers, learn & practice new skills.
o Working primarily with assigned bunks/specialists but may include working with other areas of camp.
o Assisting with daily duties of running the summer camp. Daily jobs will be assigned.
o Adapting activities, as needed, to allow active, appropriate, and successful participation
o Providing positive reinforcement and energy to assigned bunk/group/specialist.
o Learning and assessing assigned bunk/specialist to help promote enjoyment in the program
o Learning job skills through the daily duties completed at camp
o Communicates with Inclusion Coordinator and/or Special Needs Director
o Maintains confidentiality both in and out of the workplace
o Represents the program and center in a professional manner, is punctual, and maintains appropriate attire

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