Here are several links to visual supports for prayers, high holidays and shabbat:

Here is a guide from Gateways on inclusive Shabbat worship 

Matan offers PECS for High Holiday Prayers

RespectAbility offers RespectAbility-Synagogue-High-Holiday-Toolkit-2019 (2) for inclusive worship and also offers step by step instruction for worship organizations seeking to be more inclusive.

The Ruderman Foundation  Supports a wide variety of inclusion programs, including Gateways. Here is a link to Gateways High Holiday resources


From Longing to Belonging – Including People with Disabilities & Mental Health Conditions

People with disabilities and mental health conditions want what everyone wants–to belong to their chosen community of faith. Shelly Christensen, a leader in the faith community disability inclusion movement, author, and co-founder of Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month provides context for rethinking what it means to belong and be seen as a valued member of a congregation or faith community. Presented at the 40 Days and 40 Nights Online Event for the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.