Dyslexia and Structured Literacy: What Every Parent (and Teacher) Should Know

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This presentation focuses on the definition of dyslexia, characteristics of children with dyslexia, and strategies that parents (and teachers) can provide to support student learning. The definition and importance of Structured Literacy will be discussed. Links to resources provided below. Presentation resources: Dr. Cohen’s PowerPoint Presentation IDA Dyslexia Handbook: What Every Family Should Know Put

Neurobiological Foundations of Executive Functions and Implications for Reading and Writing, Dyslexia Foundation

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Neurobiological Foundations of Executive Functions and Implications for Reading and Writing THIS TALK IS RECORDED AND AVAILABLE ANY TIME Laurie Cutting, Ph.D. Presented at Dyslexia and Literacy: Executive Functions – Oral Language Connections to Reading and Writing on Friday, October 16th, 2020 from the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professionals in Boston, MA. Laurie

Dyslexia Reading Webinar

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This webinar is Erasing the Misery (Functional Strategies to Read and Spell Big Words). Really Great Reading has many strategies. Among them is the “lose the rules” approach. This eliminates stress by teaching students how to use functional strategies and manipulatives to break words into syllables to effectively read and spell big words with ease and

Expert Webinar and Panelist Discussion – Dyslexia: The Neuroscience of Early Identification & Intervention by Fumiko Hoeft and Margie Gillis

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In recent years, findings from scientific research in education, psychology, genetics, and the neurosciences have increased our understanding of dyslexia and the importance of early identification and instruction for young children. In this webinar, Dr. Hoeft will discuss the different components of science and neuroscience informing the development of early screeners that assess school readiness

Dyslexia – 23rd Annual Montag Lecture: Unpacking the Science of Reading So All Kids Can Learn

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This year’s Montag Lecture features Emily Hanford, award-winning investigative reporter who’s been working in public media for more than 25 years. Currently, senior education correspondent for APM Reports, the documentary and investigative group at American Public Media, Emily’s focus is on equity, the way we teach reading today, and literacy – arguing that there can

Dyslexia: Supporting Comprehension Through Writing About Reading: Instructional Suggestions

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Research indicates that writing about reading supports comprehension. Join Joan Sedita, founder of Keys to Literacy, as she presents practical suggestions for structured, explicit teaching of strategies for writing about text in any subject across grades 3 to 12. Several strategies will be addressed including summarizing, personal response to narrative text, and writing from informational

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