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INTRODUCCIÓN AL PROGRAMA DE REHABILITACIÓN VOCACIONAL April 4 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Aprenda cómo este programa federal / estatal ayuda a las personas con discapacidades a prepararse para el empleo durante y después de la escuela secundaria. Sus servicios abarcan: Proceso de Solicitud Orientación Profesional Capacitación y Educación después de la Escuela Secundaria Desarrollar un

IEP Workgroup – In person with Parent to Parent

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Free In person IEP workgroups! This interactive workgroup will help you: Prepare for your child’s next IEP meeting Develop an Action plan that identifies your child’s educational needs Advocate for the right support and services Build capacity and understanding of your child’s IEP Current IEP must be sent in advance by e-mail to or fax to

Kesher’s 25 Year Chai Society Ad Journal Drive Through Event

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Please join us as we celebrate a quarter century of outstanding special education with a spectacular drive through extravaganza! Celebrate our amazing school and honorees. Kesher's Founder- Dr. Howard Chusid Kesher's First Board Chair- Dr. Alan Rauzin Members of Kesher's First Board of Director's and Inaugural Class AND Kesher's First Employee- on the occasion of

Accomodations and Your Child MDPS ESE, Florida Inclusion Network and the Parent Education Network

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Accommodations & Your Child (2) The session is a partnership between the M-DCPS Department of ESE, the Florida Inclusion Network, & the Parent Education Network. The session will address: What are accommodations? How can accommodations support your child’s learning? How to support your child’s school team in selecting appropriate accommodations.

Expert Webinar and Panelist Discussion – Dyslexia: The Neuroscience of Early Identification & Intervention by Fumiko Hoeft and Margie Gillis

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In recent years, findings from scientific research in education, psychology, genetics, and the neurosciences have increased our understanding of dyslexia and the importance of early identification and instruction for young children. In this webinar, Dr. Hoeft will discuss the different components of science and neuroscience informing the development of early screeners that assess school readiness

Special Education For Your Child During The Pandemic Check in With Three Special Education Attorneys

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ChildNEXUS Live - SPECIAL EDUCATION FOR YOUR CHILD DURING THE PANDEMIC: A MID-SEMESTER CHECK IN Description Is your child not learning well during “distance learning?” You’re not alone. A panel of three special education attorneys will discuss the latest updates on federal and state special education law during the pandemic. This esteemed panel will answer

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